5 Steps to Minimizing Fire Sprinkler Water Damage

What can you do about fire sprinkler water damage? You’ve just come home to find that a fire broke out in your house and activated your sprinkler system, dumping gallons of water inside the house to dampen the blaze.

This may be a scenario that never occurred to you, but it can and does happen. Read on to find out how to minimize the damage done by fire sprinklers

Do fire sprinklers cause water damage?

Fire sprinkler systems are designed to protect homes, offices, and other building structures from fire by controlling the spread of flames. These systems consist of pipes filled with water and sprinkler heads attached to ceilings, flooring, and walls. When a fire is detected, heat sensors trigger sprinklers to open, releasing a spray of water aimed at extinguishing flames.


Water damage from fire sprinkler systems can occur when no one is home and there’s an emergency such as a fire or gas leak. In these situations, there is typically no one around to shut off the water supply until after an issue with the system has been resolved.


A typical residential fire sprinkler system will contain between 30 -100 gallons of water at any given time. The amount varies depending on how many sprinklers are activated in your home during an emergency situation. The average residential home has about 35 sprinklers running simultaneously during an emergency. This means that once triggered, hundreds of gallons of water may be released inside your home before anyone realizes it’s happening!


It’s important to act fast in this type of situation because water damage gets worse the longer it remains. Standing water is breeding grounds for mold and bacteria, as well as mosquitoes and other pests. You need a plan of action and implement it immediately to minimize the damage done by your fire sprinklers.

What does a certified restoration company do?

Step 1. Turn off the water to the sprinkler system


The first step to minimizing fire sprinkler water damage is to turn off the water supply to the sprinkler system once the fire is out. If you have an automatic water shut-off valve, you can usually find it under a sink or behind a wall at the end of a pipe that connects to the sprinkler system. If you do not have an automatic shut-off valve and do not know how to turn off a sprinkler head properly, contact your builder or home seller immediately.


Step 2. Call a professional remediation company.


In order to minimizing fire sprinkler water damage you need to call a professional remediation company as soon as possible. The sooner you call them, the less chance there is of extensive damage to your home or business. They will respond quickly and send someone to assess the damage to your property and give you an accurate quote for the repairs and restoration.


While waiting for the remediation company to arrive, you may want to take some pictures and videos to help document the affected areas. The water from the sprinklers is not clean so there is worry of contamination from dirty water. While it may be tempting to try and extract the standing water with a shop vac, using any electrical equipment or outlets is not advised at this time. If you have buckets you can bail some of the water out until help arrives, it is always recommended that you wear proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) if you do decide to remove some of the water yourself.


Step 3. Document the damage with photos


Always take photos to document fire sprinkler water damage before calling your insurance company. This will allow you to accurately document how much damage occurred and provide proof if your homeowner’s insurance company decides not to cover all expenses related to repairing the water damage caused by a fire sprinkler activation.

Step 4. Don’t touch electrical appliances.


These can be extremely dangerous when wet, so make sure they are unplugged and disconnected from power before attempting cleanup. This includes computers, televisions and other electronic devices that may have been damaged by water from the sprinkler system or smoke from the fire.


 If there are wires exposed, do not touch them or try to remove them yourself; instead call an electrician immediately. The same goes for any damaged plumbing fixtures such as toilets, sinks and showers — leave those alone until professionals arrive on site to assess them further.


Step 5. Call your insurance company.


Contact your insurance company and give them all the details. They will let you know what steps you have to take to process a claim and may send someone out to document the damage. It’s highly suggested that someone from the restoration company is there with you so that they can help give your insurance company an accurate detailed assessment of the damages.

Certifications, Ratings, and Awards

The following are some of the services offered by professional water damage restoration companies:

  1. Extract standing water from the affected area.
  2. Dry-out the affected areas using machines and/or fans.
  3. Clean surfaces, such as floors and walls, to make sure that any disinfectant solution stays safe.


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We will ensure your property is completely dry by placing fans and dehumidifiers anywhere the structure is wet. For more severe damage, we may also remove drywall, flooring, and other material that is beyond repair.



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