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Effects of Water Damage To A Property

If there is a leakage or seepage of water on a property, it greatly affects the structure of the house and has a detrimental effect on the health of its inhabitants. Water damage can be caused by a number of different reasons, like floods, storms, leakage or clogging of drains or pipes etc.Flooded homesWater causes severe damages to a property, ultimately ruining the complete structure of the house, if not dealt with quickly. If water remains in the foundations and interior of a house for a long time, then the property becomes unsuitable for habitation and suffers irreparable loss.

A house, in which water seeps to the foundations, drips constantly besides walls or on floors, or completely floods the entire property, becomes inappropriate for human habitation, and requires immediate action for damage control.

Water causes profound damage to a flooded property. The woodwork, laminated material, flooring, tiles and paint all suffer damage at the hands of water. The furniture and different fixtures are affected, and most often rot or rust due to prolonged exposure to it.

Water causes corrosion, rot, rust and delamination of different materials in the property, completely ruining them beyond repair. Sometimes, whole pieces of woodwork get broken because of water and require complete new installations, for proper functioning. Appliances around the house are also damaged by exposure to water, and their functionality is affected by it.

Properties flooded with water or experiencing leaks or water drips, are at a great risk of developing molds in the dark and damp areas of the house. Different types of fungi, which prefer damp conditions for growth, start flourishing in such properties, posing a great health risk for the inhabitants of the house or building. Mold causes various types of allergies and rashes, and sometimes may even result in life threatening diseases; therefore, it is very important to protect children and elderly people from exposure to mold.

Different microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, which prefer a damp environment for growth, might also start breeding on the property, posing a great risk to the health of its residents. These pathogenic or disease causing micro bacteria, cause several severely dangerous diseases in humans, which might sometimes be life threatening.

In order to protect your property from suffering damages beyond repair, it is advisable to promptly call an expert water damage restoration company, to resolve the problem. Xpress Restoration Inc. provides efficient restoration and damage control services for properties suffering from water damage.