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House Flooded? Here’s What You Need to Do

No one can correctly predict how they will react when they are faced with a natural disaster. All you can really do is gather as much information as possible, about different types of disasters and learn how to better protect yourself from them. But protecting you and your family is just half the battle; you also need to know how to protect your home from natural catastrophes like floods.

Flooded House?

You can take precautionary measures to safeguard your home, to a certain level, if you know a flood might affect your home. But if the water still gets in your house, here is what you should start with:

Call the Right People

If there is a significant amount of water inside your home, it is too late to search for valuables and protect your expensive appliances; so don’t even try. But if the water is low to begin with or has receded enough, you can get your valuables to safety.

Turn the electricity off and make sure the first callyou make is to a professional flood restoration company. They have emergency teams ready on call and will respond to your call as quickly as possible. Your next call should be to your insurance company, they have emergency services as well. Let them know about your situation and that you have called in a water damage restoration service.

Get Documents in Order

The professional restoration service will come in and start their work and while they are doing their work, you need to get all therelevant documents together for your insurance company. Find your policy document, if you think it has survived the water. Take some photographs of your house if possible, both before and after the removal of water.

Don’t Throw Away Anything

There will be many things that are soaked in water and are beyond repair. Move them out, but don’t throw them away until the insurance adjuster has taken a look at them. If you have extensive insurance coverage, you may be able to make a claim for new appliances.

If you handle the situation by using the advice above, you and your house may be able to survive a flood relatively unscathed; both physically and financially. And if you have hired us, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve taken the best decision possible in the worst of situation.