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Restoring a Flooded Home

Flood water can cause devastation inside your house, the speed and power of the water and the debris mixed with it can cause unimaginable damage to the home. The best thing to do after your house has suffered such damage, is to call our team to find out how our professional water damage restoration team can help. But, if you want to start the restoration yourself, you can follow the process below.

DIY Restoration Process

First things first; you need to equip yourself with the right gear for the job. You need to be wearing sturdy clothing, gloves, long waterproof shoes, goggles and a mask. These will keep you safe while you attempt to restore your house.

  • You will need different construction tools for removing and, sometimes, breaking some of the interior.
  • Recruit some help;it’stoo much work for just one person. Gather at least 4 people to help you in the restoration process.
  • Move all the furniture and other moveable possessions out of the house; some items may still be salvageable. Have a separate area for items that you think could have survived the water.
  • Remember a simple fact; your carpet cannot be saved, remove it and throw it away.
  • In some cases, the baseboard can be saved.If you are careful, you can take it out without doing too much damage to it.
  • Remove all the electrical trim plates and sockets. They will need to be removed before you strip the drywall.
  • All the doors will need to be removed; most wooden doors will not survive the damage inflicted by flood water, so inspect them for the scale of damage before deciding what to do with them.
  • The lower part of the drywall will need to be stripped; because of moisture, there is a risk of mold growth inside the drywall.
  • If you have any low cabinets, they need to be removed as well.
  • After everything is removed, you have to let the place dry up. Depending on the amount of water that has seeped into the house, it could take a few days.
  • After the house is dried up, you will need to replace everything that you have thrown out.
  • Start with the drywall first.

The whole process could take you weeks to complete; or you could avoid the hassle by hiring us!Our pros will come in with the right tools to make a complete assessment and restore your home quickly and with the utmost care.