Dealing with Water Damage

Flooding, irrespective of the source, can cause some serious headaches for homeowners. After getting over the immediate shock of seeing water everywhere in your house, you should start thinking about the damage that the water is and has caused. One really annoying thing about water is that it seeps in everywhere; crack or crevice. This Read more about Dealing with Water Damage[…]

Restoring a Flooded Home

Flood water can cause devastation inside your house, the speed and power of the water and the debris mixed with it can cause unimaginable damage to the home. The best thing to do after your house has suffered such damage, is to call our team to find out how our professional water damage restoration team Read more about Restoring a Flooded Home[…]

Home Restoration Blunders

Renovating your house is no easy task; it is stressful, time consuming, and not to mention, expensive. And when you go into renovating your home without proper preparation and planning, mistakes are unavoidable. In pursuit of making your dream home a reality, you can end up with one disaster or another. To steer clear of Read more about Home Restoration Blunders[…]

Your Insurance and Water Damage

When your home is flooded with water you can have one small solace in an otherwise horrific situation, your insurance will cover the water damage. But, it is necessary for you to know specifically what will your homeowner’s insurance cover. Type of Damage Covered Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover about 16 different types of water Read more about Your Insurance and Water Damage[…]

Island in the Middle

Kitchen remodeling trends are always changing. People invest a lot of time and money to modernize their kitchen space. This year has seen kitchens transform into the new family hangout room. With new tech integrations and other remodeling trends, kitchens have become a combination of living room, dining room, and of course the kitchen. Popular Read more about Island in the Middle[…]

How to prevent wooden floor water damage

Water damage cleanup for your wooden floors can be a major hassle, but the best way to avoid it in the first place is to follow instructions for protecting them upon installation.Wooden floors can easily become damaged because liquid seeps under the wood or into the grout. If the floor has not been previously treated Read more about How to prevent wooden floor water damage[…]

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