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Water Damage Cleanup


At Xpress Restoration INC, we specialize in making your home look great, feel amazing and be healthy for everyone who lives there. That’s why we focus on restoring and remodeling residential or commercial properties. The experience that we have obtained over time gives us the ability to properly assess your needs and determine the appropriate service within your budget. When you contract with us, we relieve you from all the stresses that come with all disasters and home improvement projects. Your project will be assigned to a project manager who will oversee your plan from start to finish. Big or small, we can take care of all your projects and provide you with innovative and creative solutions.

Why You Should Choose  Xpress Restoration

  • Available 24/7/365
  • Free Estimates & Damage Assessments
  • Emergency Response in Under 60 Minutes
  • Full-Service Flood Cleanup Projects
  • We Help with Insurance Claims
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • IICRC Certified & Insured
  • BBB Accredited & A+ Rating
  • 5-Star Google, Facebook & HomeAdvisor Rating

Call us 619-607-3857 24/7

Xpress Restoration of offers 24/7 Water Damage Cleanup services. We are the gold standard of and will get your property back back to new after any water disaster occurs. Call us at 619-607-3857 to get started. 619-607-3857

Water Damage Cleanup needs not be difficult for residents of . Use Xpress Restoration to find Water Damage Restoration Company that will get your home or property back to normal after water damage occurs. Call us at 619-607-3857.

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Xpress Restoration of is who you call for serious Water Damage Cleanup. We will provide you with a Water Damage Drying Company that will be with you from start to finish to make sure your cleanup is done right. Call Xpress Restoration at 619-607-3857.

More About Our Water Damage Cleanup

For over 15 years, Xpress Restoration in has been taking care of all aspects of emergency water damage restoration, crawl space repair, and cleaning services. For 24/7 Water Damage Cleanup Call Xpress Restoration 619-607-3857

Xpress Restoration of services residents and business as well as neighboring cities. As the best around we see it as our duty to get your cleanup started as soon as possible and can even help file insurance claims. Call 619-607-3857.

Call us 619-607-3857 24/7

Flooding, irrespective of the source, can cause some serious headaches for homeowners. After getting over the immediate shock of seeing water everywhere in your house, you should start thinking about the damage that the water is and has caused. One really annoying thing about water is that it seeps in everywhere; crack or crevice. This is problematic because it increases health and safety risks.

Dealing with the Damage

When you find yourself in a similar situation, with unwanted water in your house, you need to call in a professional water damage restoration service like ours. We’ll get on it as soon as we arrive. But until we get there, you can take some steps to deal with or minimize the destructive effects of the water.

Identify the Source

If it’s a leak, the first thing you need to do is to identify its source. If it is a flood, there isn’t much you can do to stop the water. Once you have identified the leaky culprit, cut the water off from the source. If you know how, you can turn the main water valve off to make sure that water level doesn’t increase.

Save Valuables

You have to locate and protect your valuable possessions; but before you go about doing that, turn the power off. Money, jewelry, appliances etc, all need to be moved away from the water. Don’t try to remove all of your possessions because it will take too long. Instead focus on possessions that can be saved.

Good news is that the water damage restoration service will get to your location as fast as possible and try to salvage everything in your home.

Remove Water

If you have the necessary equipment, you can start removing the water. You can use a vacuum, specially made for water cleanup, or a water pump to get the water out. If you can get rid of the water before the professionals arrive, you can do a visual inspection of the damage caused by the water.

Dry it out

Odds are that the water damage restoration service will arrive before you get to this step. But in case they don’t, you need to try to dry out the area most affected by the water. Place fans in the room and open all windows and doors to promote the flow of air in the area.

If you take the steps above, you have done everything in your power to minimize the damage the water will do. When the water damage restorationprofessionals arrive, they will take over and do a comprehensive assessment of area and get to work,restoring your home to its original condition and you can putthis horrible experience behind you.

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