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Fire, Water, Mold Cleanup and Restoration

24-Hour Emergency Assistance

After one of our disaster specialist is on their way to assist you, please continue to read the information below. Following a disaster in your home or business, it is only natural to immediately begin cleaning up and getting things back to normal.

While quick action is helpful in minimizing damages, the improper handling of the disaster in hand can seriously hinder proper and satisfactory restoration of property.

Emergency Services

Water Damage

We provide water extraction, water damage clean up and water damage restoration services. Whether you’re dealing with a flood, leak, spill

Sewage Cleanup

Requires skilled and thorough disinfection of the area, restoration, remediation, and finally, sewage cleanup that is not cleaned up properly by trained professionals can cause damage to your kidneys, liver, and blood.

Flood clean up

Water damage can occur in households for a variety of reasons ranging from pipe leakage to natural disaster like floods.

Mold Remediation

Our mold remediation and mold cleanup services make sure that every dangerous mold particle is eradicated from your home or business without any effort on your end.

Fire Damage Restoration and Cleanup

we specialize in fire and water damage restoration, our Professionals have extensive training and equipment to get your property back to pre-fire condition.

General Remodeling

We are a premium restoration company with the professional expertise and experience for all types of remodeling projects. No matter the size of your home, rental property, commercial property or multi-unit housing; we are ready to serve you.


Smoke and Fire Damage

Fires are always terrible and have the ability of completely wrecking the place where they explode. With fire comes smoke and their combination is as deadly as it can get. For everyone it is very important to aware about the smoke and fire damage restoration instructions. Nobody knows when fire hits the building or house, it is important to call the fire department or how to manage it. But once the fire is extinguished, the dust settles & the smoke becomes controllable, it is very important you must try for the best emergency restoration. Damage due to fire and smoke leaves a scar on our emotions.

for Smoke and Fire Emergency Restoration

  1. The first emergency restoration instruction is that you should do after entering your flat or house is to essentially open up all the doors and windows in order that the smoke odor can be released from that area. Fire damages not only damages the property but its smoke and soot effects your belongings very badly. You should open your windows and doors of the house till the professional company arrives.
  2. Smoke and fire damage should be handled very carefully, you should always consider that your pets are safe or not, don’t ignore your pets. If the environment is not suitable for us then it is not good for pets as well. So you have to move your pets to the safe environment.
  3. After the fire is extinguished, furniture and kitchen utensils can be damaged permanently if not protected timely. In a majority of cases fires start from home or office kitchens, the kitchen appliances are the primary thing that damaged due to smoke a lot.
  4. Emergency Instructions should be followed in right manner. Remember do not wash or wipe walls or any other absorbent surfaces during that time it might cause harm. If the electricity is off then completely empty your freezer or/ and refrigerator and leave it open to prevent odor. Do not use ceiling fixtures. They are dangerous to use at this time.
  5. You should save your food material from being spoiled by opening doors of your refrigerator so that it is prevented from any type of odor. You should keep all your food in open so that it does not get spoiled inside, remember that the lights or any other switch should not be used until the restoration team arrives. You should keep your hands clean as unclean hands can transfer the odor to the furniture which will cause additional damage to the wooden work of the house, so don’t touch unclean hands to your furniture.
  6. Do not forget to dispose the smelled food. Food with odor should not be eaten by anyone even it is not good for health.
  7. Make sure use heavy cloths to affected areas. Towels or blankets should be spread at those places which are highly terrific, don’t use any thin cloth for this purpose because light or silk cloths easily catch the fire.
  8. You should wipe or gently wash leaves of plants to save the plants from the smoke residue and soot. If you will not wipe your plants they will spoil, this step is to be taken immediately.
  9. Garments should be sent to the dry cleaners for proper cleaning, you should not send them to normal dry cleaners, and there are special dry cleaners for these purposes.

Flood and Water Damage

Flood and water damage restoration is really a difficult job. No doubt it is difficult to restore damage caused due to flood and water after the calamity. It is very important to start water damage clean up as soon as possible to avoid mildew, and molds from dwelling in. There are some flood and water damage restoration instructions that can help you to restore the damage.

Flood And Water Emergency Restoration

  1. Emergency restoration instructions should be followed in a right way. Flood and water damage cause several problems. It damages not only the belongings but also it will enable attack of material such as it destroys wood material and many other things even lives of people.
  2. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES SHOULD BE SWITCHED OFF: All the electrical appliances should be switched off, especially that are attached with flooring, don’t use especially the switches connected with wet flooring. It is one of the most important emergency tips for restoration.
  3. ALUMINUM FOIL SHOULD BE APPLIED TO THE FURNITURE: The furniture should be covered with the aluminum foil to save it from getting wet and spoiled. Do not use any plug near the wet place.
  4. REMOVE PAPER PRODUCTS: The paper products should be picked away from nearby the wet areas to save the things from getting spoiled or also we can say stained. The paper stains things when it is wet, so don’t let paper wet or take off wet papers from the house. Also, some papers are important, so keep them away from getting wet. You should remove useless items. Make sure do proper research and then throw contents photographs and papers.
  5. FURNITURE: The furniture that is not too heavy should be removed from the areas which have become wet with water. This will save the furniture from getting stained. Do not try to drag the heavy furniture as this process can harm you, this is the work of a professional team.
  6. DRY YOUR FURNITURE: The immediate action that you can take is that you can try to dry your furniture and house surroundings yourself by wipers and also by switching on the fans of the house. Remember no other electric appliance should be used as electrical appliances get charge with wetness which can cause current in your plugs.
  7. PROPER DRYING INSTRUMENTS TO BE USED: As we can only clean the areas which are visible to us, there are also areas that are not foreseen by us, these areas should be cleaned by the team with proper instruments. All the areas should be properly dried so don’t try to dry the whole house yourself as improper drying will lead to damage other areas too.
  8. DRY CLEAN YOUR CLOTHES BY THE DRY CLEANERS: Because your clothes get spoiled because of the water you should give them for dry cleaning immediately, don’t give them to normal dry cleaners they can only be dry cleaned by the professionals.
  9. DAMAGED MATERIALS SHOULD BE THROWN OFF: All the damaged products should be thrown from the house, as they can spoil other things also. Do not throw these products until and unless they are examined, photographed and documented by the team.

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Fire, Water, Mold Cleanup and Restoration.

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