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How to Handle the Smoke and Fire Damage to a Property

Smoke and fire can inflict the most devastating damages to your property. You might get anxious to do something about it, but it’s always advisable to leave the damages for the restoration professionals to handle. What you should do is make sure you call your insurance service as soon as possible. Though they can recommend you reliable fire damage restoration professionals, remember you as the homeowner always has the right to work with whomever you’d like. Don’t let your insurance company force you into using anyone they want to send out.

How a Fire Damage Restoration Service Can Help You

Cleaning Services San Diego start off by first preventing any further damage to your property. They determine the items which can be refurbished and the ones that cannot. Once the initial assessment is complete, they will provide you with estimates of their services to clean and deodorize your property. Depending on the intensity and scale of damage, the costs will be decided. However, their services can cost far less than replacing the damaged furnishings and flooring.

Whether the scale of fire damage is large or small, you should always resort to staying away from the property. When the restoration professionals arrive, they will first air out the property by opening windows and setting fans. This will ventilate your home, and it will be easier to start restoration from that point.

Smoke has the tendency to permeate walls and similar surfaces and can drift across household ducts. This can trap the smoke and cause further damage to the materials in your property. If smoke is not allowed to escape properly, the odor can become prevalent overtime, and especially during damp or warm weather. For this reason, restoration professionals carry out a process called thermal fogging. This process involves the use of chemical fog at certain warmth to penetrate the walls and your property just like the fire. This process neutralizes the odor, after which the restorers will remove smoke from the ducts. For this process, they employ chemical sealers that can permanently secure the smoke to ducts. This process is vital as there are areas in every property which can be quite difficult to clean using conventional brush and vacuum methods. Once these processes are complete, your cleaning service in San Diego will review the items, and will then warrant them as ‘safe’ or ‘damaged’. Upon the final assessment, the restoration service will air out the property to make sure it is fit to live in once more.