How to Pick the Best Painting Contractor

If you’re trying to find a contractor for your next interior/external painting project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options and be unsure of whom to choose.


Painting a house is a pretty big job and it’s important to have the right house painters. You need someone who will be able to get everything done in a reliable and professional manner.


Painting can run into some unexpected problems if everything isn’t done correctly, so you want to make sure that it’s handled by someone with previous experience. You also want to make sure that you can trust them to get these things done without running over budget or causing any unnecessary delays.


What  are some characteristics that you should look for when choosing your next painting contractor? Choosing the right painting company is just as important as choosing the right color palette.

Some questions to ask a potential contractor are:

  • Are you insured and bonded?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Are you a member of any professional associations?
  • Do you do all your own work?
  • Do you offer any guarantees?
  • What brands/products do you use?
  • Do you provide references for previous work


A company that can answer all of these questions positively should go at the top of your list. When evaluating contractors for your house painting project, here are some characteristics to look for:


1.     An Experienced Professional


Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, or simply want to change the look of your exterior walls, hiring a painting contractor is an excellent investment. But how do you know you’re choosing the right person for the job?


Choosing an experienced professional who has been in business for a number of years is a good place to start. This will ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to get your project completed quickly and efficiently.

You should also ask about the types of materials they use. While some painters may offer a lower price, they may use low quality paint or other shortcuts that can ultimately cost you more in the long run.


2.     A Company that is Licensed and Bonded


When choosing a painting contractor, it’s important that you find one that is licensed and bonded. This will protect you in the event that something goes wrong. It will also give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve chosen a professional for the job.


3.     Offers a Written Guarantee of Their Work


You should also ask for references from past clients and review those references carefully. A good painting contractor will be more than happy to provide referrals of satisfied customers. And finally, always make sure that the contractor you select has experience working on projects similar in scope to yours.


4.     Do They Have Any Trade Associations?


You can also check if the company is affiliated with any trade associations or professional organizations such as Painting Contractors of America and the Better Business Bureau. If so, chances are good that they are a reputable company.


5.    Ask for Written Estimates


When choosing a reputable painting contractor, you should get at least 3 estimates from qualified companies. Asking for written estimates from several different companies before making your final decision is always a good idea. This will give you the opportunity to compare prices and services offered by each one, as well as give you an idea of how reliable they are. You should get at least three written estimates before choosing one company over another.

Certifications, Ratings, and Awards

How to Find a Good Painting Contractor

Word-of-Mouth Referrals


Another sign of a reputable company is a contractor that comes with referrals. Many of the best house painters are so busy with jobs that they don’t have time to advertise — not even on the Internet! They get all their work from word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers. But how can you tell if they deliver what they promise? Simply by checking references. Good painting companies provide them willingly; and most will even come to your home and show you proof of their good reputation by pointing out other houses they have painted right in your neighborhood.


Friends and neighbors can often point you in the right direction if you ask who painted their house. If they were satisfied with the job they will happily refer you to the company who worked for them.


Online Search for Local Contractors


If you’re trying to locate a local contractor (someone in your neighborhood), the best place to start your search is online. To find the names of local painting contractors in your area, simply type “local painting companies” or “painting contractors in (city)” or “painting contractors near me” into your preferred search engine’s query box. Make a list of the search results that exactly match what you’re looking for.


Online Reviews


A good place to start your search is online reviews and listings of local contractors. This is a very reliable way of finding out about other people’s experiences with contractors, both good and bad. You should be able to find out whether the contractor did the work promptly, completed it within the estimated cost, and whether or not the customer was satisfied with the finished job.


It may be a little bit of work, but finding the right house painting company for your needs is worth the effort. When you do hire a painter to do the job, make sure to follow the steps listed above. If you do, it should be smooth sailing from start to finish, and your home will look great in no time!




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