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What Do Restoration Companies Do?

You’ve just had a kitchen fire, or your basement has flooded. Something bad has happened to your home, and you need help fast. You search the internet for a restoration company, and all hope seems lost when you type it into the search bar. What’s worse is that everyone else on the internet is saying different things about restoration companies. So which one do you choose?


Restoration companies are responsible for repairing any fire or water damage to your home. These companies will be responsible for returning your home to a habitable condition. There are many different types of restoration companies, and they all may have different areas of expertise.

Certifications, Ratings, and Awards

There are Different Types of Restoration

Restoration companies can specialize in repairing fire damage, water damage, or in both. Water restoration companies focus on removing moisture from the home, while fire restoration companies focus on repairing the damage caused by the smoke and heat that came with the fire.

It is important to note that a water restoration company is not always necessary after a flood, as you may be able to handle some work yourself. However, if you are dealing with an extensive amount of damage or need help restoring certain parts of your home, it is best to hire a professional water restoration company.

If your home has been damaged by fire and water, it is best to choose a company that specializes in one or more services, so you only have to hire one company to do it all. Hiring multiple companies can be a headache and cause a lot of unnecessary stress.


Property restoration companies specialize in restoring a building or property to its previous state after it has been damaged by fire, flood or other disaster. They can help restore the structure, as well as its contents. They typically offer many different services, including water removal and cleanup, smoke damage cleanup and mold remediation.

These companies work on both commercial and residential properties, which may range from small houses to large apartment complexes. It is important to call them as soon as you notice any damage, because they can help prevent further damage from occurring.

Water Restoration (Residential)

Most often, restoration companies are called after a fire, flood, or other type of event happens because the area is covered in floodwaters contaminated with sewage and that requires a professional trained to handle and dispose of hazardous materials. They normally have emergency response 24/7 to contain and stabilize the property to prevent further damage from occurring.


You may have seen property that has been surrounded by a fence and barrier tape to keep people from walking through unsafe areas? When you have structural damage, it is dangerous for the homeowner or their family to be in those areas until they have been stabilized to make them safe.


When it comes to floodwaters, if there is sewage backup or overflow, it is considered a health hazard for your neighbors. It requires immediately attention. Removing the water and drying out the surfaces is the number one priority.

Hazardous Material Removal (commercial)

These days, there are a number of hazardous materials that can be found on a job site. Restoration companies are specially trained to identify and remove these items safely and efficiently, saving you time and money in the process. There are many types of materials that require specific handling procedures, so it’s best to leave this task to the professionals.

Mold Remediation Services

Mold remediation is the process of removing mold from a building. Mold can grow almost anywhere and any time if the moisture level is high enough. If it isn’t removed, the mold growth can result in serious damage to property or health. There are several steps to the mold removal process:


Assessing the risk of mold and identifying the source of moisture that’s feeding its growth


Containing the mold so it doesn’t spread to other areas of your home or business


Removing the mold from your property, including all surfaces and materials that could be affected


Drying out any remaining moisture with top-quality drying equipment


Technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as N95 respirators, sleeve-length gloves, hazardous material suits, shoe covers, and face shields. They wear protective gear to keep hazardous material from touching their skin while doing cleanups. Protecting themselves and keeping you safe is part of their job. They will take care of everything related to the job, you won’t have to dispose of anything.

Help You Start the Claims Process

Besides helping restore your property, they can help walk you through the insurance claims process. This is especially helpful if it is the first time you have ever made a claim. It can be confusing to know what to do the first time, and it helps to have someone who knows how it works to guide you in the right direction.


Whether it’s your home that needs restoration services or an office building, you can rest assured that these professionals can offer the solutions you need. Are you a homeowner who has experienced a fire or flood? Restoration companies can help your life return to normal.


emergency Response

We respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year. Highly trained technicians are ready to respond now to your call.


We will inspect the damage to ceilings, walls, floors and other parts of your property FREE of charge. We use state-of-the art infrared cameras and moisture monitors to find all areas of damage, even if they’re hidden.


We will move belongings to a dry place. If the damage is extensive, we will carefully pack and inventory the items for safe-keeping until your property is restored.


We will ensure your property is completely dry by placing fans and dehumidifiers anywhere the structure is wet. For more severe damage, we may also remove drywall, flooring, and other material that is beyond repair.


After ensuring your property is dry, we will work with you to restore it to its pre-damage condition and return your belongings to get you BACK TO NORMAL.


We have helped thousands of customers navigate the insurance claim process for water damage.



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Leo is amazing, patient and very knowledgeable. My fathers hot water heater burst and flooded the garage and part of the house. Leo came out and quickly went to work. He helped me navigate the insurance red tape and was extremely patient as we had to jump through many hoops with the ins. He did an amazing job would recommend definitely use again.

-Brandy Tovar

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