April 28, 2015


 While mold can seem innocuous at first, mold is one of the household damages that can be the most dangerous. Mold presents risks for the health of each and every individual that resides in your home or works in your business. Our mold remediation and mold cleanup services make sure that every dangerous mold particle is eradicated from your home or business without any effort on your end; with the exception of your initial phone call, of course!
Mold spores can multiply and spread throughout an entire building within two days, making it not only a dangerous damage, but a fast growing damage as well. We make sure that every single one of these dangerous particles is removed before they can harm your family or employees.

We offer mold remediation services in San Diego not only getting rid of pre-existing mold but inspecting the rest of your home or business for further signs of mold as well as focusing on preventing further mold growth. If you see any of the following, which are signs for mold, then be sure to give us a call:

  • Visible signs of the mold, such as dark marks on your walls or ceiling
  • A strong or musty odor
  • Any prior moisture that could have provided an ideal environment for mold to flourish
  • Excessive humidity that creates an ideal environment for mold growth

Remember that mold can be a serious damage in your home or business, and a serious threat to you, your family, employees, customer and tenants. Acting fast to get rid of mold before it can spread further within your home or business is an important step to take when protecting your investment, whether it is commercial or residential; we at Xpress Restoration Inc. realize the serious concern that mold presents and work hard to bring you the best mold remediation and mold cleanup services possible in the San Diego area.

Concerned about the spread of mold? Call (619) 289-9494.

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