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Flood proofing tips to prevent or minimize flood damage

water_damageFlood damage, whether caused by human error or natural disasters, is physically and mentally exhausting.When it comes to floods, prevention is your best defense against expensive and irreparable water damage. And while it’s impossible to completely flood-proof your property (especially in the case of natural disasters), these simple tips can help prevent or at least minimize flood damage.

  • Build retaining walls, which hold soil and prevent erosion.
  • Place your valuables on a higher surface.
  • Use movable rugs and fixtures instead of carpets and fixed furniture.
  • Fix your electricity boards at a decent height.
  • Use synthetic or fiber doors rather than wooden doors so they don’t get clogged during flood damage.
  • Use water-resistant materials in the kitchen and bathroom such as stainless steel and plastic.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with flood damage, take these steps:

  • Contact the water damage cleanup and restoration professional that provides 24/7 support and can send help immediately.
  • Turn of all electricity connections to avoid further destruction.
  • Try to stop water entering your home/other property by placing suitable barriers (such as sandbags) in between gaps from which it is entering.
  • Move to higher ground level and try to relocate other movable items such as rugs and furnishings if possible.
  • If the water level rises beyond your control, leave immediately as it can cause health hazards like infections and other waterborne diseases.
  • If you have insured your property against flood and water damage, take pictures to help with your claims in repairs and your insurance provider as soon as possible.