What To Do When Your House Is Flooded

Water Damage Restoration Tips: What To Do When Your House Is Flooded

When you are dealing with water damage, taking immediate action is crucial. It is recommended to create a water damage restoration checklist for hiring a contractor. It will help you determine the cost of restoration services, as well as hiring the right company to do the job.


Water Damage Restoration Checklist

1. Turn Off the Water

The first step after any type of emergency, is to be sure your surroundings are safe. If you have standing water close to electrical plugs, you need to get outside the house as quickly as possible. If you can safely turn off the water source, or stop the water from flowing (depending on the cause of the flood), then you can assess the safety of being inside the home while you wait for a cleanup crew to arrive. You’ll likely be standing in a pool of water, so be sure to wear protective equipment if possible like rubber boots, gloves, and a mask. If the water is dark or smells like sewage, don’t remain inside. Sewage is very dangerous as the microbes can carry bad bacteria.


Brandy Tovar
Brandy Tovar
23:29 30 Dec 21
Leo is amazing, patient and very knowledgeable. My fathers hot water heater burst and flooded the garage and part of... the house. Leo came out and quickly went to work. He helped me navigate the insurance red tape and was extremely patient as we had to jump through many hoops with the ins. He did an amazing job would recommend definitely use again.read more
A Google User
A Google User
01:17 18 Nov 21
Had a water supply bust and flooded my kitchen and living room. Called Xpress Restoration and they were professional... and prompt. Assured me everything was going to be fine and with a dry out and water damage restoration, I didn’t have to do nothing but let these guys handle everything with my insurance. Great experience, definitely back this company.read more
08:18 10 Nov 21
These guys were extremely helpful, honest, thorough and friendly. I wanted a second opinion on a remediation job that I... thought was poorly done. I assumed they’d put together a proposal for redoing the job. Instead, they were thorough in their inspection and ended up telling me they didn’t think it needed to be redone, showed me why, explained everything to me, didn’t rush, asked what questions I had, and they didn’t charge me a dime for their time. I’d call this company again in a heartbeat.read more
Ana Ro
Ana Ro
16:57 09 Nov 21
The team at Xpress Restoration did a great job with a water leak in our bathroom that caused mold. The team is very ... professional, works quickly, Leo's very communicative with all the steps of the repairs. Thanks, Xpress Restoration! If you are ever in need of any Water Damage Restoration like this, contact them!read more
Janeth Ch
Janeth Ch
16:17 04 Nov 21
I had flood damage in my property and I decided to hire Xpress Restoration for the drying process and mitigation. Since... day one there where very professional. They explained all the process and what to expect. Leo was always available to me on the phone whenever I had questions. Xpress Restoration did a wonderful job! Would definitely recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much Xpress Restoration and Leo's crew.⚡read more
Anthony Manzon
Anthony Manzon
01:12 03 Nov 21
There is no one else I would recommend than Xpress Restoration! I was in communication with Leo and his communication... was fast, efficient and he made everything easy for me! You will not regret reaching out to Xpress Resotoration!read more
Roberto Shim
Roberto Shim
23:00 29 Oct 21
Life savers!!! Called and told me that they will be onsite in an hr. They came in less than 30min. After 2-3 hrs, they... left everything as if nothing had happened! Thank you! Will definitely use you guys again!read more
15:50 14 Oct 21
Leo and his team are true professionals, they provided a great service to our home. They were committed to the job we... had hired for them to do and we couldn’t be more happy with their work. I highly recommend Xpress Restoration, as they are trustworthy and do great work.read more
George Harpe
George Harpe
18:18 29 Jul 21
On time and Leo was always willing to help and he always pick up the phone when I called. They where friendly and... always ready to help. Leo thank you for all your help.read more
Valeria Alatorre
Valeria Alatorre
13:04 30 Jun 21
I am a second time customer with Xpress Restoration. This second time started with a pinhole leak in the ceiling above... my kitchen and underneath my master. From the inspection, to the clean up, demo, insurance claims, and remodeling the process was very smooth-They do it all! Leo is just amazing to work with and wouldn't want to work with anyone else for such a big project. I am so pleased with all the work they did, I now have a fixed pinhole leak, new luxury vinyl flooring upstairs and a brand new dream kitchen. My expectations were exceeded, I am a very happy customer. Xpress Restoration has my loyalty and I will be sure to keep referring them to all my friends and family. THANK YOU for all the hard work and dedication!read more
Maria Rangel
Maria Rangel
19:35 18 Feb 21
I can’t say enough about this company and all their employees. Here you are treated like family. From the start of our... home inspection process through construction and follow-up, Xpress Restoration demonstrated their professionalism, expertise and exceptional customer service. It is clear that their true purpose is to ensure their client’s complete satisfaction. I 100% recommend Xpress Restoration for your next home or business improvement.read more
Michael Hayner
Michael Hayner
21:16 17 Feb 21
Clean professional and quick results with Leo. Always picks up the office and wick to help if there are any questions... at all. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of restoration. The crew was also very friendly and prompt. Thanks again Leo for your professionalism!!!read more
Jean Claude Andre
Jean Claude Andre
20:24 05 Feb 21
I had damage that was done to the side of a home I was working in. Leo was my go to guy. He was very responsive and... attentive in our communication. As well as Paulina whom I first communicated with. I was very impressed with his punctuality. He said he would show up at 8:30 am and he was there by 8:25 am with his crew! As a Retired Veteran myself I appreciated his respect for my time. Leo, Thank you for your professionalism! We will definitely do more business in the future! #XpressRestorationread more
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2. Turn Off the Power

The next step in an emergency is to turn off your power. All you need to do is locate your main power switch and turn it off. It will often be in the breaker box. Switching it off will stop all electricity coming into the home. The last thing you need to worry about is electrical hazards in standing water. If you have gas, you may need to turn that off as well. Turning off these utilities will keep further damage from occurring.

4. Call a Water Damage Restoration Company

After stopping the water and turning off the electricity and gas, you should call a water damage restoration company to prevent as much damage as possible to your walls, woodwork, and furnishings. It is vital to do this as soon as possible because mold growth can start within just 24 to 48 hours. The water needs to be extracted quickly, so the drying process can begin.

The restoration company will have equipment to remove the water and dry things out properly to prevent further damage. They have the skills to deal with all types of water damage such as clean water (broken pipe), gray water (water heater, dishwasher, or washing machine overflow), and black water (sewage overflow, blocked drain).

They will be able to remove excess water and resolve any issues before they become expensive structural fixes. Wet carpeting can be dried without too much smell, if done correctly.

3. Remove Food or Drinks Contaminated by Water

If there is any food on counters or tables that has been contaminated by flood waters, discard immediately. You should never eat anything that has been exposed to dirty water. It is safer to throw it away and buy more than risk eating something that might make you sick.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company

Everything can seem like chaos when something unexpected happens. At that moment, you need to keep a cool head, and go through the steps to secure your property and call in professionals to deal with the issue. Once things are underway, you can contact your insurance company and submit a claim. Restoration companies like Xpress Restoration, Inc will help you with this part as well. They are experts at the insurance claims process and can help you navigate through your claim.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Restoration Services

  • Accurate quotes
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Work with insurance companies
  • Saves time and money
  • Increases safety for occupants
  • Quick action reduces further damage




We respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, 365 days a year. Highly trained technicians are ready to respond now to your call.



We will inspect the damage to ceilings, walls, floors and other parts of your property FREE of charge. We use state-of-the art infrared cameras and moisture monitors to find all areas of damage, even if they’re hidden.



We will move belongings to a dry place. If the damage is extensive, we will carefully pack and inventory the items for safe-keeping until your property is restored



We will ensure your property is completely dry by placing fans and dehumidifiers anywhere the structure is wet. For more severe damage, we may also remove drywall, flooring, and other material that is beyond repair.



After ensuring your property is dry, we will work with you to restore it to its pre-damage condition and return your belongings to get you BACK TO NORMAL.



We have helped thousands of customers navigate the insurance claim process for water damage.

How to Hire a Water Damage Restoration Company

There are numerous water damage repair companies in any region. In order to find the right company, search online. It is easier and faster. Go to a few websites and read the customer reviews and testimonials of its clients. What is their experience? Ask the customers if they had good or bad experiences with the company.

You can check if the water damage company is licensed by contacting the state’s Department of Commerce. Also, search the BBB to find out if it has any complaints filed against it.

Cost of restoration services

Depending on your property damage, you may be eligible for a Red Cross disaster recovery fund. If you file a claim with the county, you can recoup up to 75% of the money you spend on your water damage restoration costs. You can also borrow from a personal line of credit. Do not pay for water damage restoration service in full up front. Instead, ask the company for a payment plan.

You can check if the water damage company is licensed by contacting the state’s Department of Commerce. Also, search the BBB to find out if it has any complaints filed against it.

What to Do While Waiting for Help to Arrive?

What should you do while waiting for help to arrive? Staying safe is the number one priority. If you can, turn off the water. But if it is unsafe to do so, wait and let a trained professional do it. If it is unsafe to be inside, wait outside for help and brief them about the situation when they arrive.Remove children and pets from the area, maintain a safe place for them away from the danger.

It is a good idea to have a list of phone numbers on hand for emergencies.You can be making phone calls to the electric company, water company, gas company, and etc.


How to Get a Quote

Contact us at Xpress Restoration for a quote for water damage restoration. We help with insurance claims and take things like mold remediation and Full Service Flood Cleanup. Emergency response in under 1 hr.


San Diego water damage restoration & repair


I am so glad I contacted Xpress Restoration! Leonardo is extremely professional. He came out right away and did a thorough assesment. They are very professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Highly recommend and will be calling them again if ever needed!

-Freddy Canizales Jr.


Xpress Restoration is San Diego’s trusted emergency Water Damage Restoration, cleanup, and repair company. We respond to a wide variety of disasters, including water Damage Restoration, fire, smoke, storm, and more. Our goal is to quickly assess the damage and repair it to be as good as new, so you can resume your life without worry.

We are available 24/7/365 and respond in less than 60 minutes. If you are dealing with water damage, fire damage, storm damage, or smoke damage. Call us Today at 619-607-3857.

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